What is treevalues?

The treevalues R package computes confidence intervals and p-values for the mean response within a region or the difference in mean response between two regions in a CART regression tree (built using the package rpart).

Because the regions in a regression tree are selected using the data, we cannot naively “double dip” in the same data to do inference on the means within these regions.

The treevalues package implements a selective inference approach to conduct inference without double dipping in the data.

How can I get treevalues?

Make sure that remotes is installed by running install.packages("remotes"), then type


Where can I learn more?

See the overview tab for a more detailed motivation for our framework, and the tutorial tab for instructions on how to use this package on real data.

See https://arxiv.org/abs/2106.07816 for the preprint that describes the selective inference methodology.

See https://github.com/anna-neufeld/treevalues-simulations for code to reproduce the experiments and figures in the preprint.